About SAZO

A curated collection of single origin, artisanal food & wellness products from the mountain ranges of the Himalayas.

SAZO by House of Hills has been established with the innate desire to bring the goodness, purity and the exoticness of the mighty mountains – the great Himalayas to the consumer in a humble jar.
Growing up in the hills, surrounded by pine and deodar, fresh springs, cool mountain breeze, and the beautiful weather of my home town and a highly popular tourist destination Simla (also known as the Queen of Hills), I have interesting remembrances of childhood.
Consuming what the mountains had to offer, always seasonal, fresh, unadulterated – whether it was the most delicious, sweet, crisp juicy golden apples and the roasted exotic pine nuts often had during the cold winter season; or the cool drink made of Rhododendron flowers during a hot summer day; or red cherries, plums and peaches plucked fresh from my grandfather’s orchard and so lovingly shared – it was pure ambrosia for the mind, body and soul…
Fascinated by the condiments, spices, rich variety of ingredients and flavours that Himachal is so full of, I have often looked for opportunities to share the experience with my friends and family on different occasions.
SAZO by House of Hills, is a small venture initiated with the hope that I can share with you straight from that source – all that is valuable, authentic and pure from the Himalayas where I have my roots.
FSSAI Licence No.: 10021043000336

Email: sazo@houseofhills.in
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